Introducing Binary Fusion

27 09 2010

For the few of you that read my blog, you might be interested in knowing that along with some friends, I recently started a new business. We develop applications for mobile, for desktop, and for basically anything else that you might need. We have a lot of interesting things in the works for it, and would love to provide a custom quote for you to see how we can help meet your needs.


Why mobile paradigms have permanently changed data consumption – The Data Revlolution

30 12 2009

Not long ago the world completely changed, and most people in the world completely missed it.

At first, I was one of those people. As part of my duties at work, I have to be mindful of UX (user experience). One of the most difficult tasks of UX has always been how to present data in intuitive and meaningful ways. Previous to this data revolution, many UX engineers would satisfy themselves with a variable cornucopia of buttons, myriads of menus, and tons of raw power exposed to the most simplistic user. Creating some of the most complex applications and logical mazes known to man. Read the rest of this entry »